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Spring Cleaning My Inbox

-But What If I Ever Need It?- I’m a little bit of a horder.  Not like an extreme horder that you see on TV, but I do collect odds and ends that I think might be useful someday.  I think part of it is because I’m an artist.  I have a whole drawer dedicated to odds and ends.  I keep small pieces of construction paper leftovers, charms that fall off necklaces, shiny material, ribbons too short to use to wrap a present, anything that I might be able to use on an art project someday. I also have a slight obsession with keeping boxes 1) because I am an Amazon Prime addict and used to mail things to friends all the time and I never fell out of the habit of keeping boxes to ship things in and 2) because I’m saving them for the day I eventually get to move into my fixer-upper when it’s fixed up.  I love containers in general, and keep a few empty pill bottles, spice jars, and tiny boxes that had held rings or bracelets.  You never know when one would come in handy to use to keep something safe

That Was Unexpected

I’m back, baby!  I was down for about a week because my darling dearest, Divinity, was sick and had to be taken to the doctor. And no, I don’t have kids and I didn’t name my not-kids that.  Divinity is my desktop computer.  When I got my very first laptop, I was into angel mythology (not in the religious sense, but a fiction sense), and I named the laptop Nephilim.  Even though I’m not as into angel mythology as I was, I kept with the theme.  Between phones, tablets, and computers, I’ve named my devices Seraph, Grigori, and even just the plain Angel.  Divinity was having problems with abrupt crashes like the power suddenly being cut off, and yet, she rebooted after it happened, which told me it probably wasn’t a power issue (I’ve had plenty of power issues over the years with the way the electric at my house surges and flickers so much that it damages my power supply).  I dealt with it for about a month.  She shut down like that about twice every four hours I used her, no matter if I w