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Why Not Be a Professional Gamer?

You may have already read my blog post about getting a gig at DVS Gaming as a game reviewer/writer.  I first looked at the opportunity as a way to practice writing and bring attention to my author career.  Now that I have entered the world of gaming deeper than I ever have before, I thought, why not take it even further? -Welcome to the Stream Dream- My friend Josh , who also writes for DVS, and I decided to take a swing at streaming.  I've got a pretty decent rig and lots of games.  I have got a tentative offer from the bossman to be a DVS streamer when I'm ready.  All things considering, I've got a better foundation to work with than some people do in order to begin streaming. Now I have absolutely no expectation for it to go anywhere significant.  Any person that loves games and can talk to themselves for hours would like to make a living being a Youtuber, or whatever they call Twitch people.  But I know very well that it's an unrealistic goal, a one in a million ch