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Sympathy for the Devil: Why We Love the Fallen Angel

Image courtesy of Netflix -The First Fallen Angel- I binged the entire three seasons of Lucifer in two weeks. It completely flabbergasted me that a show about the Devil solving crimes actually worked. I am fascinated by the depiction of Satan in this show. He’s probably the most sympathetic version of the Devil I’ve ever seen. Thank God Netflix picked it up for season 4. In the meantime, it has me thinking about Mark Pellegrino’s version of Lucifer in Supernatural . Even Sadao Maou in the anime The Devil is a Part-Timer . Why are all these characters so alive, sympathetic, and delightful to watch? I previously explored why television has gotten so dark these last few years. When thinking about the sympathetic modern devil, I believe there is a connection between these two thoughts. Tom Ellis as Lucifer is the show “Lucifer.” Image courtesy of Fox. -Humans Are Fatally Flawed- A very common notion is that Satan has a hand in tempting people to sin. However, he’s not the only one. Vampir

Dana Harts: Age Matters

Welcome to another Dana Harts. This time I'm going to tell you how much I ♥  Age Matters ! Yes, it's another Line Webtoon. They make good stuff, kay? It is by Enjelicious. And my poor heart can barely take it. Age Matters is centered around a 30-year old woman, Rose Choi, who recently went through a traumatic breakup with a man that told her she wasn't good enough. Now feeling like she's getting too old to start her life over again, she searches for what to do next. Through twists of fate she ends up getting hired by the young, rich, and handsome CEO of a facebook-like app to be his secretary. For a 23-year-old misunderstood billionaire, Daniel Yoon is quite a handful, acting much more the adult than she. Together, they might beat out rival companies or succumb to their budding feelings and ruin everything. This webcomic is giving me very unrealistic expectations for men. The best part of the story is that the characters are incredibly lively. Rose is a child-woman, no