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I Am Myself Again

I came to realization that I finally feel like myself again.  Considering I just turned 25 and the last time I felt like myself was 5th grade, that's really saying something. -The Point of Impact- Right around 6th grade a terrible rumor started spreading about me that turned everyone against me.  The rumor being that I was a lesbian, which, fun fact, I'm not in the slightest.  I'm so straight I don't even like being a woman, let alone touching another one (though it should also be noted that I do identify as a girl even if I don't like being one). So this was like 2006, and back then being different, being a "lesbian," was a high crime and not nearly as tolerated as it is today.  It was basically a death sentence for you socially.  But did anyone ask me if it was true?  Would anyone bother to believe me if they would have?  No.  My peers turned on me without question. The rest of my school life up until 12th grade graduation was mostly a living hell as I d