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Dana Harts: Siren's Lament

Welcome to a new segment on my blog I like to call Dana Harts! It's a silly pun on like "I ♥ NY" T-shirts and things like that. Dana Harts will be about things that I love, specifically literature and movies that I recommend.  A sort a recommended reading/watching list, if you will.  I'll try to give you enough information about what makes this stuff amazing without spoiling anything important. Today I'll be talking about how much I ♥ Siren's Lament ! Siren's Lament is a web comic on Line WebToons by instantmiso.  It's free to read, it's beautiful, and it's pulled at my heart strings unlike anything else in a long time.  It's a love triangle with hot mermaid men.  What more do you want? The story follows a flower-shop owner Lyra, who is broken hearted because her best friend/crush is dating another woman. When her heart finally reaches it's breaking point, she goes to the ocean's edge and there she hears a hypnotic voice offering

Hardships and Hurdles

It's hard to find time to blog right now, and I apologize for that.  So here's an explanation for my absence and some updates for the future. Long story short, my dad is in critical condition at the hospital and I've been spending most of my free time with him. It's been hard. I don't have much to update on the pitching situation either.  One agent I still haven't heard from and the other that seemed interested hasn't replied to my follow up. I am slowly working on a new series of blog posts that I hope to release soon.  A sort of review/recommendation of reading/watching.  When I find something I enjoy, I want to spread the word in hopes someone else will find joy in it, too. I'm gearing up for the Steampunk Festival in Hannibal, MO. My writers guild will have a booth there. In the spirit of things I'm putting together a costume that I'll try and have finished by then. It kind of all depends on the health of my dad at that point whether I'l