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Preparing for Gateway Con 2019

-My Second Year at Gateway to Publishing- I had an amazing time last year at Gateway Con. I met some amazing people and also made a good friend (looking at you, android ). I learned a lot and came home with pages of notes on how to improve my writing and my brand. After such an awesome experience, I couldn't wait for the next one to come around. Though I pitched The Un-Life of William Moore to agents there, ultimately I decided to self-publish it. It's my first story, and as such it has the most of my heart and soul in it. While the changes some agents recommended weren't unreasonable, I wanted to remain as true as I could to what The Un-Life was to me. Still, I applied what I had learned to the story. I connected with people that helped me improve it even further. I still came out of Gateway Con successful, in my mind. This year I will also be having an author table/book signing , so if you're going to the Con, too, come see me! I'll be selling my paperback novel