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Fun Facts About The Un-Life (Spoilers)

It's been a while! Hi! I've been busy with leading CampNaNoWriMo workshops and lots of book signings . But here I am today, ready to tell you a little more about my novel, The Un-Life of William Moore. I highly suggest reading the novel before reading these "fun facts," as there are spoilers ahead. You can purchase the book at most all places you buy books, including Amazon , Barnes & Noble , and your local book store. -Fun Facts About The Un-Life of William Moore - 1)   The novel is approximately 63k words.   When I first “finished” the story, it only had 35k. Being so short and condensed, the story's pace was way too fast.   The additional word count helped to slow things down, develop characters, and make it a more standard sized novel.   2)  My first working title was “Billy the Vampire.” This title made it too obvious what the story was about, even though it conveyed the corny tone I wanted at the time.   Later, I wanted to make it more subtle. I chose